Haydn Lee

I’m a literature student who has written from a young age. I started an illustrated diary at the age of 8, now a 12 volume monstrosity which I still keep daily (although I rarely illustrate it nowadays!), as inspired by my literary heroine, Anaïs Nin. I write about every single thing that happens to me, pleasant or painful.

I write fiction: mostly short stories, and the genre…well, it’s a mix of mystery, horror, and psychological exploration. I had a few pieces of juvenilia published in the UK Young Writer Magazine, as well as poetry in various North Wales anthologies. As of yet, I’ve had none of my adult work published, but I hope soon to change this.

My other interests include movies (usually of the old-and-hard-to-find variety), photography, vintage style and design, and Tarot reading. My favourite authors include Marcel Proust, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath, Anton Chekhov, Daphne Du Maurier, Anaïs Nin (her diaries), and J. D. Salinger.

Twitter: @HaydnnLee